GreenSavers free service can be over $5000.00 in regions


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GreenSavers free service can be over $5000.00 in regions

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Wed Apr 17, 2013 4:44 pm

Enbridge Home Weatherization

GreenSavers free service can be over $5000.00 in
Region – Peel, Durham and York Regions

A free insulation program for qualified Enbridge Customers

GreenSaver delivers the home weatherization on behalf of Enbridge Gas in Toronto, Peel, York and Durham regions. We help low-income households; both home owners or renters with landlord approval, reduce their energy consumption through improved insulation. Weatherization measures include attic and wall insulation, basement headers sealed and comprehensive draft proofing. These upgrades make your home more comfortable and can save you money on your gas bill. The total value of this free service can be over $5,000 and save you between $350 and $750 a year in energy bills

Here’s how to qualify:

your home is detached, semi-detached or row/town house
your home is heated by natural gas,
you pay your own natural gas bill,
your home was built before 1972,

your home has not been upgraded with insulation for more than 20 years

and if:

Your total household income is;

1 person…… $30,560
2 people…… $38,046
3 people…… $46,772
4 people…… $56,788
5 people…… $64,409
6 people……. $72,641
7+ people…… $80,874

Or your household
benefits from;

Allowance for Survivors,
Guaranteed Income Supplement,
Ontario Works,
Allowance for Seniors,
National Child Benefit Supplement

If you meet these requirements, you may qualify for the program.

Here’s how to apply:

Give us a call at 416-203-3106, or toll free at 1-8880777-8416.

We may be able to pre-qualify you over the phone and then you will need to provide a signed application, proof of income eligibility, and the account number on your gas bill. Please note that we keep your information confidential.

To download the Enbridge Home Weatherization Retrofit Program application package please click here.

If your home qualifies, GreenSaver will:

Schedule a home assessment to determine insulation levels in your home.
Schedule a crew of trained installers to work in your home
Schedule a follow-up visit to measure how your energy efficiency has been improved.

Remember, there’s no charge for any visits or upgrades.

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