Forgivable Grants for Toronto Home Owners


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Forgivable Grants for Toronto Home Owners

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Forgivable Grants for Toronto Home Owners

The information about government, non-profit
and private sector programs that provide assistance to Toronto
homeowners. Please contact the individual programs to confirm details
of the assistance available and who qualifies.

1. Home Repair Assistance
2. Energy and Utilities
3. Tax Reliefs and Credit

Get your copy of
Directory Forgivable Canadian Real Estate Grants
now at

1. Toronto Home Repair Assistance Seniors and Disable persons

Toronto Renovates offers funding to lower income seniors and disabled persons
requiring health and safety repairs to their homes. See Affordable Housing
Office website for details:

More information:

City of Toronto Basement Flooding Protection
Subsidy Program

This program, administered by Toronto Water, offers owners of single family,
duplex and triplex homes a subsidy to implement flood prevention measures
or install flood prevention devices.
The subject property owner should carry out a site assessment with a Toronto-
licensed plumber to determine the suitability of isolating their property from
the City’s sewer system.

More information:
Call 311

March of Dimes Home & Vehicle Modifications Program

Can be used for ramps, platform lifts, stairway lifts, elevating devices, widening
doors, wheel-in showers, rearrangement of kitchen/washrooms.
For Persons with a disability or their family members. Based on family income.
Administered on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Community and
Social Services

More information:
Call 1-877-369-4867

Easter Seals
Accessibility aids, bath and toileting aids, communication and writing aids,
mobility aids, etc.
Children under 19 with a disability who are registered with Easter Seals

More information:
Call 416-421-8146

2.Energy and Utility Assistance

City of Toronto Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)

HELP is a new financing tool offered by the City of Toronto to help you improve
your home’s energy efficiency and save money. Low interest loans are available
to homeowners for energy improvement projects on the home. The HELP pilot
program is now available city-wide.
More information:

Call 311

City of Toronto Water Rebate Program

This City of Toronto program provides a rebate on water bills if a household
consumes less than 400 cubic metres of water a year.
: Low-income seniors and low-income persons with disabilities Household
income $50,000 or less

More information:

City of Toronto Emergency Energy Fund

This City of Toronto program helps with gas, hydro and other energy related
arrears, security deposits, and reconnection costs.
Those who have received a disconnection notice or been disconnected and
do not have sufficient income and/or assets to pay the arrears.
Eligibility is based on income and assets but recipients
cannot be receiving social assistance.
More information:

Call 416-338-3332

Enbridge Home Winter proofing Program

Insulation and draft proofing for qualified Enbridge customers.
Low-income Enbridge gas customers with homes built before 1972 and
needing upgraded insulation (more than 20 years old)

More information:
Call 416-203-3106

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)

Applies to energy-related arrears (gas or electricity), renovations such as installing
energy efficient appliances and insulation.
Low-income households with arrears difficulties

More information:
Call 416-924-2543

Save ON energy Home Assistance Program

Replaces inefficient lights, electric power bars, insulation, and appliances
with energy efficient ones, etc.
Low-income households with high hydro costs. Not for energy-related
More information:

Ontario Electricity Support Program

Assists in reducing electricity bills through a monthly on-bill credit.
Low-income households ($52,000 or less)
More Information:
1-855-831-8151 (Toll-free within Ontario)
(TTY to TTY)
Or call your local electricity utility.

3.Tax Relief and Credits For Toronto Home owners

City of Toronto Property Tax Increase Deferral Program

Deferral of municipal property tax
Note: deferrals must be paid back
to the City if you sell the home.
Low-income seniors and persons with disabilities with a household income
of $50,000 or less

More information:

City of Toronto Property Tax Increase
Cancellation Program

Cancellation of municipal property tax
Low-income seniors and persons with disabilities with a household income
of $38,000 or less and a property tax assessment of $715,000 or less

More information:

Provincial Land Tax
Deferral Program

Deferral of Provincial Land Tax and Education tax

the deferral must be paid back if you sell your home.
Low-income seniors (GIS recipients) and persons with disabilities (ODSP recipients)

More information:

Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit

To improve accessibility or help a senior be more functional or mobile at home.
15% of eligible home renovation costs can be credited against income tax,
including: a secondary suite for a senior, grab bars, wheelchair ramps, wheel-in
showers, kitchen or washroom adjustments, hand rails, etc.

Any senior or family member living with a senior
More information: ... tax-credit

Affordable Housing Office
55 John
St.Toronto, ON


We believe the information contained in this
article to be accurate.It is presented with the
understanding that we are not engaged in
rendering legal,accounting, or investment advice.
When professional assistance is required,
utilize the services of a licensed real estate
broker, lawyer, accountant,
or other consultant as may be required.

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