Down payment Assistance Program city of Brantford-Ontario


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Down payment Assistance Program city of Brantford-Ontario

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Down payment Assistance Program city of Brantford-Ontario

The City of Brantford and the County of Brant have partnered with the government of Canada to give first time home buyers easily-attainable access to affordable housing.

Forgivable (20-year) interest-free loans are given to qualifying applicants seeking to purchase a home within the B-Home district. You can get up to 5% (maximum $16,710) of the closing price to be put towards a down payment for your new home.

Get the details and facts on the B HOME Program - Home Ownership for First Time Home Buyers.

Down Payment Loan Levels

5% of the cost of an eligible home (not to exceed $16,710*) under the program to be provided to eligible purchasers at the time of closing of the purchase and sale of the home.
No interest will be charged on the loan.
Documentation is required to secure the down payment loan on title.

Selection of Purchasers

Eligible purchasers will be selected from those who meet the income requirements and other program criteria and are qualified for a mortgage at a recognized financial institution.

Eligible Purchasers

To be eligible for an interest-free down payment loan prospective purchasers must meet the following criteria:

Must be 18-years or older.
Must be a first time home buyer.
Not own or have an interest in other residential properties or owe arrears/damages to another housing program.
Currently renting and looking to buy a sole and principle residence.
Household income before deductions less than $78,900* and assets must not exceed $30,000.
Eligible to obtain a mortgage & demonstrate sustainability.
Have supplied all the necessary documentation to the City of Brantford Housing Department to determine eligibility.
Must pay closing costs (certain criteria apply).

If you fall outside of these qualifications, please investigate home ownership options from Habitat for Humanity Brant.

Eligible Homes

New units including conversions from non residential.
Resale homes, home inspection must be undertaken and paid for by the purchaser.
Purchase price cannot exceed 334,200*.
May be detached, semi-detached, townhome or condo.
Modest in size, relative to community norms.
Home to be purchased in Brantford or Brant County.
A home in which the applicant - or any member of the applicant's family - has an ownership interest is not eligible for purchase.

Conditions of Repayment of the Down Payment Loan

If the home is sold before the 20 year period expires:

Homeowner is required to pay the original down payment loan plus 5% of the realized capital gain.
An independent appraisal of the property will be completed at the City’s expense.
A homeowner may agree to voluntarily repay the down payment loan at any time. (Original down payment loan plus 5% of realized capital gain).
If a purchaser ceases to occupy the unit as the sole and principle residence within 20 years of the date of purchase, it is deemed a sale and the repayment requirements apply.

Conditions of Non-Repayment

If the home is sold before the 20 year period expires but the seller experiences a capital loss, repayment could be waived provided the sale meets the following criteria:

The unit is sold at fair market value (verified by a home inspector paid for by the City).
The purchase and sale of the unit is an arm’s length transaction.
If the house is sold for less than the original purchase price, the owner does not pay appreciation and the principal is forgiven.

* Based on Provincial guidelines and subject to change.

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