Renovation à la carte Quebec


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Renovation à la carte Quebec

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Renovation à la carte Quebec

Accessible financial assistance

Your property is showing signs of aging? Maybe it’s time to consider renovating, restoring or even replacing some exterior or interior components of your building. The Ville de Montréal can give you a hand and help you protect the value of your asset.
Enhance your living environment

With the help of our program, give your property a beauty treatment. For instance, you could:

Renovate the cladding of a façade, the balconies, the kitchen, the bathroom, landscape your backyard, etc.
Install backwater valves; for more information on this topic, visit our Water treatment section.

Special terms and conditions apply to the following property types:

Rooming houses
Buildings owned by non-profit organizations
Housing cooperatives

A helping hand

The program grants you a fixed amount according to the type of renovation you want to carry out. Note that there is a minimum amount of work required to be eligible for financial assistance.

Additional aid from Hydro-Québec may be available to help you improve your building’s energy efficiency. You will receive additional information on this topic when your file is being reviewed.
Major renovations in mind?

Your property needs a top-to-bottom renovation or some major components (structure, foundations, electricity, plumbing, etc.) need upgrading in order to comply with applicable codes and by-laws? Check out our Major residential renovation program.

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