BC Bioenergy Network Invests in Quadrogen Power Systems

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BC Bioenergy Network Invests in Quadrogen Power Systems

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Wed May 29, 2013 4:55 pm

BC Bioenergy Network Invests in Quadrogen Power Systems

Vancouver, British Columbia March 13, 2013

The BC Bioenergy Network (BCBN) announced that the firm Quadrogen Power Systems Inc. will be receiving financial assistance.

BC Bioenergy is an association that acts as a catalyst for deploying bioenergy technologies and organizing research for the development and demonstration of new bioenergy technologies. The firm is located in British Columbia.

Quadrogen Power Systems, Inc. builds and installs high performance biogas clean-up solutions capable of purifying renewable fuels from any source. The firm will be granted a $1.5 million government-backed loan. The firm will use the loan to expand their system which will process higher gas quantities.

“BC Bioenergy Network helped us move faster on the bio-methane application of our technology and quantify the potential of its commercial scale applications,” states Alakh Prasad, President, Quadrogen Power Systems Inc.

“We have assembled a large high quality team of partners that include clean technology funders, developers, and an agricultural customer who share the goal of producing clean sustainable energy from organic waste materials.”

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