Apprenticeship of Public Speaking and Presenting

Glossophobia, also known as the fear of public speaking is prominent amongst many. If you understand the fundamentals of public speaking, the fear is diminished and communication among a group of individuals flows with great ease. This fear is formed by the mold of our past experiences, values, and social pressure. The technique is art, once mastered, will harbor a sixth sense which will engage your audience and allow you to deliver your message with great effectiveness.

Public Speaking

The following techniques will be covered in our all-embracing 3 hour seminar:

The message a strong posture delivers and how to attain it;

The benefits of breathing effectively;

Ice breakers– what are they and how to use them;

Connecting with each audience member and engaging them;

Speaking with one of your most valuable assets; your heart;

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Effective Q&A;

Learn by personal experience;

Controlling the energy in the room;

Value others time- time management.

You will also have the opportunity to pick up on a valuable tool from our expert speaker- how to deliver a polished speech in less than 10 minutes!

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