Programs help fund down payments, Renos in Norfolk or Haldimand Counties-Ontario

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Programs help fund down payments, Renos in Norfolk or Haldimand Counties-Ontario

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Programs help fund down payments, Renos in Norfolk or Haldimand Counties-Ontario

The Ontario Renovates program of the IAH Program 2014 Extension provides financial assistance to low-to-moderate income families to:

Repair their home to bring it to acceptable standards while improving energy efficiency.
Increase accessibility of their home through modifications and adaptation.

Funding is provided in the form of a forgivable loan on the cost of approved work items. The actual amount of assistance is based on the cost of repairs and the funds available, to a maximum of $10,000. The period of forgiveness for home repair projects is 10 years. Funding for accessibility repairs, up to a maximum of $5,000, is in the form of a grant (not a loan) and does not require repayment.

To qualify, applicants must own a home in Norfolk or Haldimand Counties that is their sole and principle residence with an assessed value of $396,166 or less (maximum house price is updated on a quarterly basis) and needs repairs or modifications in one of the following areas: structural, heating, electrical, fire safety, plumbing or accessibility. Applicants’ combined gross household income must be $91,100 or less (maximum income level is updated annually).

Applicants who have previously received federal and/or provincial funding to either purchase the home (AHP or IAH Homeownership component) or for repairs (Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP), IAH Ontario Renovates) are not eligible for Ontario Renovates funding.

Funding is available on a first come, first served basis until all funds have been exhausted. Therefore, financial assistance may not be available to all eligible applicants in the year they apply. Applications may be placed on a waiting list. Download the Ontario Renovates Application and return the completed application form along with the requested supporting documentation to Housing Services. Only applications that are complete will be accessed for eligibility.

For more information on this program, contact a Housing Resource Coordinator, at 519.426.6170 or 905.318.6623 Ext. 3234 or 3235

The home ownership program aims to help low to moderate low-income household renters in the two counties purchase affordable homes by providing 10 per cent of a down payment in the form of a forgivable loan.

“It’s an ongoing program; it’s a forgivable loan issued one time to approved applicants. Generally, we support on average, four applicants each year,” said Louise Lovell, program manager.

“In 13 years, that we have offered the program, we’ve provided 48 down payments.

“Some years more, some less. It depends on the purchase price of homes year over year.”

More information about the program is available at

The Ontario Renovates program provides funding for residential repairs, renovations and accessibility modifications for low to moderate income home owners. Funding to a maximum of $10,000 for approved repairs and renovations is provided in the form of a forgivable loan. Funding for approved accessibility modifications is in the form of a grant of up to $5,000.

Applicants must live in Haldimand and Norfolk to qualify.

More information on the program criteria is available at

People can also speak with a housing resource coordinator by calling 905-318-6623 or 519-426-6170 Ext. 3234.

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