March 7th, 2020 Nova Scotia tax sale properties Municipality of Clare

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March 7th, 2020 Nova Scotia tax sale properties Municipality of Clare

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Wed Mar 04, 2020 5:30 pm

March 7th, 2020 Nova Scotia tax sale properties Municipality of Clare
2020 Tax Sale

Properties to be sold at TAX SALE
SATURDAY, March 7, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

TAKE NOTICE THAT the lands and premises situated in the Municipality of Clare hereunder described shall be SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION for arrears of rates and taxes due to the Municipality of Clare, unless the arrears of rates, taxes and expenses hereunder specified are paid in full. The auction will be held at the Municipal Office, 1185 Highway 1, Little Brook, N.S. on Saturday March 7, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. Detailed description of the properties may be seen at the Municipal Office, during regular office hours. All properties listed below are shown on the Assessment Roll.


BARR, Shawn (AAN 05441137) $352.05 + HST
183 Hilltown Rd., Hilltown Land (PID 3002505)

BARR, Shawn Lester (AAN 06201822) $234.92 + HST
25 Old Mill Rd., Hilltown Land (PID 30025084)

DOUCET, Joel (AAN 02491206) $4,540.16
1417 Patrice Rd., Land Service Station (PID 30021976)

MULLEN, Morgan (AAN 00004774) $17,119.99
4211 Highway 340, Land, Dwellings, Buildings (PID 30028443)

PRIME, Harold (AAN 03825973) $812.50
211 Green Rd., New Tusket, Land, Dwelling (PID 30029995)

5927 Highway 340 Weaver Settlement Land (PID 30024533)

SOUTHWEST ECO ENERGY LTD (AAN 01874616) $120,097.24
Highway 340 Land, Dwelling, Building (PID 30024525) NO REDEMPTION PERIOD


THERIAULT, Joel (AAN 03593061) $6,629.03
Unit 1 & 2-10418 Highway 1, Saulnierville – Land Dwelling Building (PID 30045256)


COMEAU, Jeannine (AAN 06250548) $341.01 + HST
C Saulnier Rd., Saulnierville Stn Land (PID 30061014)


DEVEAU, Jason (AAN 04385829) $2,707.40
305 Peter Dugas Rd., Meteghan Lot 1 Dwelling (PID 30076210)

SAULNIER, Melvin & Ann (AAN 02992574) $394.48 + HST
Second Division Rd, Meteghan Centre (PID 30069652)


DULONG, Paul (AAN 02991896) $3,674.83
266 Deveau Shore Rd., St Alphonse Land Dwelling Buildings (PID 30092746)


JACOBSON, Irene (Attn: Barbara Mastropietro) (AAN 02181746) $234.44 + HST
Lake Doucette Rd., Springdale Land (PID 30106173)

JACOBSON, Irene (Attn: Barbra Mastropietro) (AAN 02181754) $557.57 + HST
Lake Doucette Rd., Lake Doucette Land (PID 30106124)

KAZANGIAN, Nicholas (Attn Liza Kazangian) (AAN 02305267) $597.07 + HST
Norwood Rd, Mayflower Land (PID 30110175)

MUISE, Henry & Joan ET AL (AAN 05166896) $459.52 + HST
Hectanooga Rd., Mayflower Land (PID 30109490)

Properties can be viewed on by searching with the PID.

NOTE Although the Municipality has made all reasonable efforts to confirm ownership, it does not guarantee title or boundaries of the aforementioned properties. Prospective purchasers are responsible to conduct their own searches and surveys or other investigations.

TERMS Payment of cash, debit card or certified cheque to cover taxes and expenses must be made at the time of sale. Balance of purchase price due on Monday, March 9, 2020.
It is also important to note that under the new Municipal Government Act, the right of redemption for properties sold at tax sale is six (6) months after the sale.

Stéphane Cyr
Chief Administrative Officer
Dated Little Brook, N.S. this 3rd day of March 2020

In case of inclement weather the tax sale will be on March 14, 2020.

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