Apprenticeship in Internet Marketing

Come join us to learn the tools needed to increase your success using website design, internet marketing, and engine optimization.

A vast majority of websites found on the World Wide Web are constructed by webmasters. Web –tech-know-how’s is the key to their success. Although this knowledge and level of expertise will fuel a functional website, it may not have the POW (content) required to bring in business.

Internet marketing is a vital component required to attain an aesthetically pleasing, content driven website that will attract the attention of those you are seeking. Lack of information needed to drive in your target market will fail to provide you with the benefits one would attain otherwise.

If you are still in a indecisive tangle- STOP. This seminar will uplift you to undertake one of the most profitable opportunities so that you may generate more targeted leads and generating more income. We will provide you with the tools you need to grow your business online.

The questions one must ask before marketing your website include but are not limited to:

Who should I hire to do my website?
What is the criterion to market my website?
How can I optimize my website via search engine?
How can I satisfy the needs of my lead to keep them interested in less than 30 seconds?

Not to worry, it will be covered in our intensive 3 hour seminar!

What will you learn about Internet Marketing?

  •   The “key phrase” words- how to increase your search optimization.
  •   Determine who your target market is.
  •   How to reach the people that are seeking your goods or services.
  •   The top three ways to create online traffic
  •   How to write effective content.

Who should attend this Apprenticeship in Internet Marketing

This seminar is for everyone and anyone who uses the internet to get information. But especially for those who intend to advertise for their business. This seminar will give you a clear understanding of how to market online precisely.

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Your success is our Passion!

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