RRSP Mortgages / Creative Financing

RRSP Mortgages/Registered retirement savings plans  (RRSP)are investments in which you can put your money in mortgages and at the same time you can decide your own rate of return and have the option to place the money wherever you choose.

RRSP MortgagesWhen investing your own RRSP funds, there are several steps you must follow before you proceed with your investment; you must understand the mortgage act, you must know the interest act, you must know how to write a commitment letter, you must know who you can or cannot lend money to, you must know the minimum or maximum interest you can charge, you must know the costs involved to establish a self directed RRSP and the ongoing administration costs and lastly you must know the remedies available in case of default.

You will also learn  “how to invest Self directed RRSP,  RPP, LIRA, LIF, RLIF, RRIF, DPSP, RRIF, RESP and TFSA into  syndicated mortgages in Ontario, Canada @ 8% for 3 years”?

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)  has set rules and regulations for every self directed registered retirement savings plans. There several options available to invest your RRSP funds but the most important options are investing alone, investing in mortgage investment corporations (MIC) and lastly investing partially with other investors.

Throughout our intensive Self Directed RRSP Mortgages and Creative Financing apprenticeship, you will realize that you can see real estate investments in a different/new manner.

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