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Wealth building is your goal utilizing Sophisticated Professional Real Estate investor’s education and mentoring. To achieve the following quote by Christopher Morley says it all “There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.” Proper planning prevents poor performance in Real Estate Investing.

Rent to Own Auto pilot Marketing

For those of you who are kicking butt right now, or even just starting out, if you work at this business for just 3-5 years you’ll be able to achieve the success you have always desired. The simple marketing plans to help you quickly get to the point of spending your time however you wish.

Here are the simple rules to the marketing plan. You must follow simple rules to start building your wealth. You must implement the entire plan. No whining. Alright, now the goal of every real estate should be to use OPR (other people’s resources). This includes other people’s money, other people’s time and other people’s skill. So, you need to hire a virtual assistant to run your marketing so that you don’t have to do a thing. A virtual assistant should cost you less than $800 a month. If $800 sounds like a lot, it won’t be once you start making between $8,000-$20,000 a month.

1. Email your virtual assistant the criteria of the houses that you buy (3 bedrooms, 2 baths, in Toronto). Daily, Virtual Assistant will get on, go to the “for rent” and “for sale “section and email every rental and for sale property that meets those criteria. Virtual Assistant will email them a well crafted letter stating that you specialize in working with landlords, home sellers, and realtors and interested in doing a lease option with their home creating a win/win situation offering positive cash flow, minimum management and guaranteed profit. You can learn more when you attend Real Estate Millionaire Lease option apprenticeship either live or online.

2. Virtual Assistant will place an ad on looking for a person to put up bandit signs (if you don’t already have someone through your networking at your local Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) Canada. Once you have found someone, your assistant will order 600 bandit signs and have them delivered to the person you hired (size 18 x 24, single sided, yellow sign with black lettering). That person will put stakes on them and put them up for you. Your assistant will email this person the location to put up the signs and will tell them to put up 50 signs every other Friday night, until they run out of signs.

3. Your assistant will call all the Realtors and ask them to find all those who like to own a house but can not due to lack of down payment or bad credit. They must have excellent income from past three to five years and have 3-10% optional money. Three bedroom properties only and absolutely no condos. Townhouse intend to work well.

4. Virtual Assistant will create excel spread lists to match the current inventory versus demand. This gives you clear vision which way one should focus on marketing.

5. Get ready to match making and start building your wealth you always desired.

So called Real Estate investor complain that this business is tough and that putting things on auto-pilot is a myth. The only time we suggest that you talk to a seller is after my assistant has screened them and you know they’re motivated. Virtual Assistant has already spoken to tenant buyers to qualify them before showing or presenting any deal. Virtual Assistant takes care of your marketing and everything else. Put others to work for you and let them help you to building wealth. Get proper Real Estate investors education and mentoring. Invest in education. Fortune favors those who take action, so get moving and get marketing!

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