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Apprentice for aspiring Canadian Real Estate Investors who want to make a realistic $100,000.00 a year but can not get started

And get your first Real Estate offer within 90 days or less

 If you qualify

Hurry! 20, 3 SPOTS LEFT FOR

Please call/text 1-416-409-7300 for Date and location


Watch And See What Our Apprentices Have To Say


Lets get straight to the point.

We only have time for limited number of apprentices So if you are going to waste our time, then please move aside so that someone who REALLY wants to make money and We will give your spot to them instead. We are looking for a specific kind of persons who is hungry to succeed.

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Why are we so serious?

Because if you are the one who is chosen, we are ready to put our blood, sweat and tears into FORCING you to make more money than you ever did in your life. If we choose to work with you, you WILL, without question, get your first real estate offer … There’s no question about it. The ONLY question is how MANY deals you will do this year, and the next year, and the year after that. Why?“Because We Might Even Do Your Offers FOR YOU” That’s right, if we find a deal… and we KNOW that there is money to be made… But the only problem is that you’re a little hesitant or scared.   We will personally buy the property our self with you as a partner!   Now who would do that? Not any self-proclaimed Gurus that we have ever met! What’s more? From doing what we will train you to do ‘hands-on’, you will be able to share profits with us !!

We are practically giving my money away! As you can already see, with our expertise, You can make between $5,000.00 to $150,000.00 on a single deal, and we’ve done it many times over. So do the math… What if you were able to work with us on one of these deals and get 50% of the profit? $25,00.00 to $150,000.00 is not too bad for a part-time income, wouldn’t you agree? And that’s just for a single deal! Imagine how many deals you can do afteryou learn how to do JUST ONE… …And Imagine how many deals you can do in 1 year, 5 years and for the rest of your pre-retirement life… We know… it sounds too good to be true, does it?

Then here is a suggestion…

If you still don’t see how this can work for you, then go back and watch and read testimonials where we showed you EXACTLY how it can be done. And if after watch and read testimonials many times and you are still skeptical and DON’T ‘GET IT’, then please do not apply to be our apprentice (We really don’t want to drag you ‘kicking-and-screaming’ to your financial freedom). But if you DO ‘get it’…

But If You Do ‘Get It’,

Then Imagine This…

  • IMAGINE getting your first offer in 90 days from now and walking away with an extra $5,000-30,000.00 in your pocket….
  • IMAGINE spending just a few hours a week to generate yourself a $100,000.00+ yearly income… and being able to spend quality time with your loved ones
  • IMAGINE being totally free to come-and-go as you please because you wouldn’t depend on a job or anyone else for money anymore…
  • IMAGINE what your life would look like if you never had to worry about money or bills ever again…
  • IMAGINE living your life on your own terms!

Your success is closer than you think, but you could throw it all away without even knowing it. How? We will get to that in a moment. First, let us explain…

As An Apprentice, we will Reveal All Secrets, strategies and techniques To You & You Will Master All These Techniques…

  • Quick bucks with quick FLIPS
  • Make a fortune with OPM through JVs
  • Writing  Irresistible Winning (killer) Offers
  • Learn from the MASTER rather than $20/hour instructor who have never done a deal
  • Profits and Disasters of Pre-Construction
  • Eagle Eye Inspections
  • Hidden profits in Lease Options
  • Basics and fundamentals of RE investing
  • Secretly Guarded No Money Down Strategies
  • Art of Winning a Negotiation Every time
  • Systematic Plan of Action
  • How to attract a mob PANIC SELLERS (over 50 techniques)
  • How to receive $24K-45K forgivable Canadian Grant
  • How to buy at whole sale price legally from Government
  • How to pay less TAXES legally
  • Introduction to Canadian CREATIVE real estate
  • Hiring the most Powerful Team to achieve wealth
  • Building a successful database (wealth)
  • Canadian Creative Financing/Credit Rebuilding
  • How to use HAND OUTS from Governments
  • Successful Land Lording in Canada
  • Apprentice in real life situation (calls/offers)
  • Many Canadian CASH COW Strategies
  • The step-by-step process for doing no money down deals in Canada AND even get CASH in your pocket
  • How to do  foreclosures and pre-foreclosures
  • How to do no-money-down with a low credit score and with little or no money
  • How to buy a house to live in for no money, or if you choose, make money in real estate without ever owning a single property
  • How to find private lenders / hard money lenders if you have no credit… and build capital from barely nothing
  • How to attract and manage investors who invest their money with you
  • How to get big profits with little risk
  • Set up a limited company so that the company pays you as an employee
  • How to own and manage your investment income properties
  • All the forms and set-up needed for purchasing real estate and how to do all the paperwork
  • How to do negotiations
  • How to do assignment of contracts
  • How to do direct-buys, the best arrangements to buy property without a Realtor
  • Major pit-falls to avoid as a new investor
  • How to buy raw land and how to develop land
  • How to profit from commercial properties
  • How to quickly improve your credit rating
  • How to structure a vendor take-back (VTB)  mortgage/owner financing
  • How to find killer deals in your own back yard, or if you prefer, in any Province by remote control
  • How to renovate a property for pennies on the dollar and make a huge profit
  • How to use your RRSP to make money in real estate
  • How to buy Tax Sales properties in Canada
  • When to rent out and when to flip a property
  • How to do joint ventures
  • How to start making money immediately


We Will You Take You By The Hand Through Every Single Detail Of Your First Offer We will take you by the hand through your first deal:

  • We will help you find a killer, highly profitable deal from panic sellers
  • We will help you negotiate with the sellers for a ridiculously low price
  • We will help you negotiate for outrageous terms (in Your favor)
  • We will help you get financing regardless of your credit score
  • We will guide you through all the paperwork and close on the property
  • We will help you decide whether you hold, fix or flip the property for cash
  • If we are flipping, I will guide you through getting a swarm of buyers clamouring for your property
  • If we are fixing, We will guide you through the entire process with the least cost and maximum profit
  • If we are holding, We will guide you through finding tenants that pay top-rent and help you create ongoing passive cash flow
  • We will help you assign the contract for cash (without buying the property) if the deal allows
  • We will help you find investors and help you find money where you never realized you could
  • We will help you structure your deals and total household income so that you pay almost no tax
  • We  will guide you and show you exactly what I have done MYSELF to become an extremely successful professional real estate investor
  • We  will guide to your income-goal and achieve the lifestyle that you want through real estate

That’s right, we won’t just be talking about how to do it, we will actually be DOING IT. There’s nothing better than learning by doing, wouldn’t you agree?

If You Are Selected, You Will Get

As one of the our 20 hand-selected apprentices, here is what your are going to get in your first 90 days…

  1. 2 Full Days of “Take-You-By-The-Hand” Real Estate Millionaire Apprenticeship (REMSA) We will show you exactly how to do ALL of the techniques mentioned above
  2. You will get to “look over our shoulder” as we are not just talking about but ACTUALLY DOING them.
  1. We Will Create Success plan of Action A specific action plan that is custom-tailored to your situation, follow this plan by the ‘tee’ and you are guaranteed to succeed phenomenally.Even if you stray little, the plan is so rock-solid and so fool-proof that you will still be shocked at your new-found success. Because systems don’t fail, people do.
  2. One-On-One  Private Coaching Call, (half an hour after finishing apprenticeship worth $995 ) We guard our  time very carefully, so we’ll make sure this is the most productive 20 minutes of your life!We’ll work on any deals, answer any questions and assess your progress on your  action plan.
  3. Unlimited E-mails To Your Private-Dedicated In box for 10 days (worth $1997) Where We  will answer any and all of your questions to keep you on track and make sure you’re never left guessing…
  4. Virgin Leads for 60 days  after finishing Apprenticeship
  5. Your Private-Dedicated 911 Emergency HELP Line Phone Number If an Real Estate emergency arrives, We’ll be there to guide you through.  We don’t hand this number out to just anyone…Whether it’s a last minute negotiation problem or a surprise deal that pops out of no where, you will never be left by yourself and will always have our expertise when you need it…
  1. Full, Complete Access To our  Real Estate Power Team You get ‘steal’ our  top notch real estate team of lawyers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, contractors and more!Waste no time and use the best to get the best results.
  2. You are Guaranteed To make your first offer But chances are, YOU would have done not just one, but multiple real estate offers by then!
  1. Finally, YOU will be FORCED To Succeed Because our name and reputation is on the line, you will actually help us  surpass even your own expectations as you promise.
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Do NOT  requires you…
  • You DO NOT need a day of experience investing Real Estate…
  • You DO NOT need a good credit score, actually, you may not even need credit at all…
  • You DO NOT need a bunch of rich friends that you need to ask for money from
  • You DO NOT need to piles of cash in your bank, or even ANY money in your bank.

If that were the case, even I would still be broke today.


  • You DO need to be teachable, trainable and hungry to take yourself to the next level
  • You DO need to have a trustworthy, moral and ethical
  • You DO need to be responsible and accountable
  • You DO need to have your everyday financial needs met
“Do You Think Real Estate Gurus Are Scams?”

You do?


So do We.They hire cheap labor to teach.

What can you learn from someone who has NEVER done it and working for someone at $20/hour punching the clock.

We Do NOT TEACH Herds but handful apprentices as if you are learning one-on-one.

All questions answered when they arise.

Majority of seminar junkies literally worshiped the ground these Guru’s walked on and soaked up every word they uttered. And where did it leave them at that time?

Absolutely no where. 

“Why You Are Guaranteed To Fail”

It was after going to all these seminars and finished reading all these books that people can get fed up.

These Gurus’ systems have such a low success rate it’s actually pathetic…

We  realized that We would never make a single penny in Real Estate until we could

find someone who “had been there and done it” and GET HIM/HER to take you by the hand and SHOW you how to do it…

Perhaps even do it FOR you.

So if you are still signing up for of these hyped-up courses, keep in mind that they weren’t designed to make you rich… they were designed to make the guy on the stage rich…

Now don’t get us wrong… you have to start somewhere and taking a few courses and reading a few books is a great way place to start…

But if you keep doing that and are still broke, then you are Guaranteed To Fail.

So you’re probably wondering…

Why have we decided to mentor apprentice?

“Why are Doing This?”

Good question.

First, you need to understand that we don’t HAVE to. And we will keep on making massive profits year after year after year whether you become our apprentice or not.

So then, if not for money, then why?

Let us explain…

Previously, we were only helping my friends and family that wanted our help…

And we confess…

We didn’t really want to help any one else.

But lately, in the past we realize that how much help we needed when we  got  into real estate.

And here’s where the awkward twist comes in…

As we are writing this to you, We want you to know… We are not looking for a bunch of “students” to mentor…

we repeat… we are not looking for students…

Not at all… we want someone more than a student…

We are looking for high-quality people worthy of spilling out all our insider Real Estate secrets to.

In fact, We will only train you if you promise to teach others what we teach you once you have learned the skills yourself and are making a few hundred thousand dollars per year.

So We are doing this as a way of giving back, to teach others what our mentors have taught us

“How Much Does It Cost? Practically No Investment Is Required…”

We’ll be up-front.

It’s not going to be cheap.

That’s because We are only selecting a couple of apprentices and We have to assure that you are truly serious if you are chosen as one of them.

And especially since We are  putting WWB name and reputation on the line, We have put a price to this is to automatically dis-qualify any tire-kickers and wanna-bees.

We could very well be charging an easy $30,000.00.

How do We know?

Because We’ve been offered that before.

And even if we did charge $30,000.00, our apprentices will STILL be able to make many times that with our help.

But we are not going to do that.

Since we understand that we have a bad economy, We have decided to lower the entrance fee substantially.

But don’t get me wrong, the economy today makes it EVEN EASIER to make huge dollars in real estate!

And just so that everyone has the chance to become our apprentice regardless of their current financial situation.. if you are chosen, you won’t invest anything close to $30,000.00.


Because investments still have a chance of loss.

This is more like a deposit.

Because deposits are guaranteed to get returned.

So you will be required to submit a mentoring-deposit, a deposit that will returned

instantly from the profits of your first deal.

Just how much your mentoring-deposit is will be revealed once you submit your application.


It’s simple.

We only work with those who are absolutely serious about making more money than they ever made in their life.

We have received hundreds of applications and we can only take on a handful of apprentices, so if you were us and had to choose between 20 apprentices, and they were equally serious, but one is willing to make a deposit…

So, if you decided that you are very serious and worthy of becoming our apprentice…

And you are dedicated to changing your life and achieving financial freedom…

And you want to start banking the big real estate checks (with multiple zeros)…

Then do these 3 steps right now:

Step 1 – Fill out the application form below

Step 2 – You will be called for a phone consultation

Step 3 – (if you are accepted) we will schedule your 3-day LIVE  intensive apprenticeship

 “Hurry, The FIRST Qualified Applicants Will Be Accepted,
Not Necessarily The Best Applicants”

This offer is going out to over 78,386 people across Canada. So needless to say, there will be way too many applications. And we don’t have time to go through all of them.

So instead of going through EVERY one of them, we will pick the  qualified one.  So even you are a top-notch candidate, but you apply late,

YOU WILL NOT BE EVEN CONSIDERED because we would have chosen my apprentices already.

Once the limit has been reached, we are slamming the door shut

until further notice, NO EXCEPTIONS!

And you may never be able become our apprentice.

So don’t miss your chance! Hurry and apply now!

“Can We Trust YOU?”

One last thing.

Before you go ahead and apply, we need to know that we can trust you.


Because since we will be splitting profits on deals,

We need to know that you will not screw me.

We have had cases where we  had trusted others that

have taken advantage of our trust and generosity.

But we  have learned greatly from those negative experiences and now we are extremely carefully when it comes to selecting business associates.

So if you are one of those shady individuals, then please go away right now!

But if you have references and a personal track record that can prove otherwise (that you can show us later), then we encourage you to go ahead and apply now.

P.S. Don’t forget to bring a friend or family member with you to the Learn so you can work toward your financial future together!
This training is for educational purposes only and successful results are not guaranteed.Attendees will be offered additional services and materials to purchase at this event.
Don’t miss out on one of the freshest ways to cash in on Real Estate and finally enjoy the
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