Hidden profits in Ontario Power of Sale FREE seminar

Hidden PROFITS in Ontario Power of Sale properties Free SEMINAR


Hidden PROFITS in Ontario Power of Sale properties FREE SEMINAR LIVE in person

Power of Sale is the most common mortgage remedy used by the banks and or lenders in Ontario. When a home owner fails to uphold the terms of the mortgage a power of sale can be used to recover the lender’s principal, interest, and expenses.

Like many legal processes, the bank must follow the strict guidelines on Ontario Mortgage act. Court orders from the superior court of justice are required for repossession of the property of the home owner to sell to recover their investments.

Due to real estate market is going through changes lot of Ontario home owners facing tough times which can trigger power of sale.

Bank can do Power of sale not only because of default of mortgage payments but there are several other reasons.

Power of sale properties are SOLD at its current market value when it goes on Multiple listing services (MLS). These properties are never sold at bargain prices.

When dealing with super distressed panic home owner who might be facing lot of other challenges in their life. Death, divorce, depression, drug addiction, loss of income or something very unfortunate due to the circumstances. They need your HELP!

We request you to HELP them with all sincerely

  1. No one shall ever become HOMELESS
  2. Everyone deserves second chance

You will learn in Power of sale training “HOW TO” help those in desperate need to downsize, move forward with dignity and divinity as if you were in their shoes.

You can HELP and SAVE the drama, trauma and the nightmares for the entire family. No one likes to receive threaten letters, court orders and eviction notices to become homeless.

You will learn HOW can you help, assist and provide timely help, direction to save their situation. Whether you are an investor, realtor or a mortgage agent, you can help and earn good name and make a decent living.

Attend LIVE Hidden profits in Ontario Power of sale free seminar in person and reserve you seat by filling up the form with your Name, cell number and email address.

Date : June 10th, 2023 Time 11am-1:30pm Brampton-Ontario

Please do not forget to ask your brokerage and friends to join.

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