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Membership makes a difference Over the past twelve (14) years, over Seventeen thousands (17,000+) of Canadians have joined Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) Canada. We have received hundreds of testimonials expressing their sincere thanks for the role of Canadian Professional Real Estate Investors has played in completely changing their own lives as well as other fellow Canadians.










Summary of the membership benefits


you can expect to receive as a PREIG Canada Member;

1.Networking (your network is directly related to your networth!)
2. Up to date  Information
3. Meeting other local fellow Canadian real estate investors and learning from their experiences.
4. Practical ,educational
5. Getting referrals for service providers and other contacts you will need.
6. Building  Canadian buyer's lists
7. Meeting others whom you may do deals with (Join Ventures, wholesale, buy and sell, etc)

Learn from local Experts


  • Learn all the proven Canadian  Real Estate creative  investment strategies, secrets and techniques
  • Learn from Canadian Professional Real Estate veteran investors who have already done what you want to do.
  • Meeting Canadian private hard money lenders, mortgage professionals.
  • Civil enforcement, writ of seizure properties
  • Local laws of foreclosure, power of sale
  • Landlord and tenant Act in Canada
  • Creative financing, mortgages and loans.
  • Learn from the  entourage of Canadian Real Estate experts
  • Learn “How to” obtain forgivable grants and interest free down payments for Canadians…..and much more.

* Canadian real estate investors apprenticeship available for PREIG Canada members










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