Do it Yourself Credit Repair

Do Yourself Credit RepairDo Yourself Credit Repair:No matter how bad your credit is, it can always be improved . This Guide shows you how to do it today! Bad credit can damage your chances of qualifying for credit cards or a mortgage and it can even get in the way of renting a home.

• Avoid overspending

• Establish a realistic budget

• Get out of debt

• Build a financial cushion

• Read and understand your credit report, and get errors fixed

• Take action against a credit bureau that does not remove incorrect data

• Get positive information added to your credit history

• Negotiate with creditors

• Get and maintain good credit


• 24 Strategic Credit Repair

• List of the Canadian Banks

• text of the Bill of Right, Acts, Purge Rules

• Glossary of Credit Terms

• 1-2-3 Guide

Only for $249.99 plus HST

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