Apprenticeship training of Investing in Multi-Units in Canada

Investing Multi-units is like graduating from owning single family homes, condos, or town homes.A Multi-Unit allows real estate investors to have all the units in one location and as a result, is far easier to manage.

There are a number of reasons why one should invest in Multi-Units and Apartment Buildings. The acquisition costs for each rentable dwelling is much cheaper than buying a house or condo. It is much easier to hire a management company to manage the building than a bunch of single family homes across town.

The operating and maintenance costs are far cheaper as well. Since multi units are far cheaper than single family homes, you receive a much better return on your investment. Since it is a package deal, you tend to save a lot more time to acquire, manage and/or sell. Since operating costs will be low, you will be able to lower your vacancy rate making your bottom line of cash flow very strong.

Through our Multi Unit Apprenticeship, you will learn over 50 strategies and techniques, over 11 different ways to improve cash flow and over 80 different strategies to find multi-units. You will also learn how to analyze multi-units in one second, how to collect 13 cheques instead of 12, how to have headache free management, how to keep tenants for life, and how to multiply income instead of increasing by percentage.

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If we think about it, getting paid every other week means that you are getting 26 payments, and if we do the math on that, by the end of the year, you will have collected 13 cheques by the end of the year.

Your success is our Passion!

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