Apprenticeship training in Lease Option & Rent to Own in Canada

Is your landlord taking your opportunity to become wealthy? Are you tired of throwing your money away towards something that is not beneficial for you? Ever consider Lease Option?

Lease option can be an enormously lucrative real estate investment. This real estate investment is an exceptional way to earn a massive amount of income in a passive manner without the managerial headaches. Generally, the technique real estate investors use to discover clients who want part in lease option is to find people who have poor money management skills and can’t qualify for a mortgage, move up an income bracket and want to live in a neighborhood that reflects this or that are just plain sick of renting and want to be in a situation where they are creating equity.

Unlike traditional renting, the way lease option works is that a portion of the future owners monthly lease payments go towards the down payment toward the purchase of the house. The real estate investor applies his skills to calculate a comfortable and affordable lease payment that can be made by the future home owner. Why pay rent, when you have lease options?

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