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PREIG Canada Scam, uh! Hello there, I see that you have managed to get to this page. Well, you want to do your own Due Diligence on Are they legit? scam? Or not. If we were you, we will do the same thing. One of the ways to answer these questions is to research us “” in Google or other searching engines that you are familiar with.  We may want to check out other’s opinions and comments on

Canadian Real Estate  investors must do their due diligence before entering into any deals.  Congratulation! You have the right mentality to be a good investor.  Good Job!


PREIG Canada ScamThe first kind is a person who did not take the program and want to learn more about it from other people who did take it.  They will raise many questions.

The second kind are people who want to drive traffic to their site and use the term to attract attention. They will gather comments from other people and pass it along.

The third kind are people who may have legitimate experience with Preig Canada. They may share their good and bad experience with Preig Canada. We take any legitimate concern seriously and will follow-up in a timely manner.

PREIG Canada Scam is marketing tool have been around since April 2005.  PREIG Canada conduct our network meeting every month, never missed one, and we have over 17,000+ members, based in Toronto.  We teach only Canadian Real Estate Investing programs.  We are humbled to know that fact that we did not find anything in Google supporting the claim that we are a scam.

Our courses are outstanding, and our Canadian Real Estate Investors get the results that they wanted, legit results. We have trained everyone from start up Real Estate Investors to Guru Real Estate Investors.

Even Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( RCMP )  have commended our articles on grow up houses in Canada.

If you are a beginner to the Real Estate Investing universe, we can certainly help you. There are a lot of potential for gain without too much your own resource when you are dealing with Creative Real Estate Investing.  However, it is a very specialized market.  You need professional guidance to get the effective results.  Our professional team is here to support you.


How do you know whether we have the expertise?  Our proof! We collected testimonials from many of our client and associates. We posted few of them in the website and others are on Youtube, search us and you will find many of them.

Our Advance Canadian Real Estate Millionaire Secret Seminar, which is offered in  Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and other cities, is presented by our professionals from the industry, who have been there and have done it many times.  They are experts on what they do.

PREIG Canada Scam

Who can benefit from our seminars? It is for first time real estate investors who have never invested in real estate to get started. It is for experienced real estate investors or professionals who are looking to expand their own knowledge base and want to try something new and different.

Up to date Information provider

We provide up to date information and share our real life experience.  It will your choice to apply any or none of the information provided. It is totally up to you. You can easily avoid making by learning from the mistakes of others.  We will help you to get it the right way the first time and spare you from the headaches and the costly consequence of mistakes.

If a person came to your and told you “there are no risks” in what they are doing, run away as far as you can please. Everything comes with some risks, real estate investment is no different. We will train you to manage your risks and make wise decisions for your future.

Other benefits of being a member of our organization are: networking opportunities, Joint Ventures opportunities and free educational seminars. Most Real Estate Investment clubs cost $30k/annually to  $200 a month with long term contracts. Preig Canada only charge $249 for the whole year.  We are the most economical real estate investment club all over Canada. Comparing the value, we provide the best return on your investment.

Please Visit us at for more information about us and our courses. Our “No Money Down Seminar” is being featured in Toronto.  We are coming to your city soon. You can call us at 416-409-7300 for any questions.

Your success is our passion!


Serving fellow Canadian real estate investors since April 2005 successfully every month.

Navtaj Chandhoke

Navtaj Chandhoke is a veteran Canadian Real Estate investor, Master Coach/Mentor/Speaker
& Canadian hard money lender . Join now
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to attend upcoming
No $$ Down Canadian Real Estate Seminar LIVE
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Canadian Real Estate Apprentice

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