Canadian Real Estate Investors Field Training Apprenticeship

Training Apprenticeship

PREIG Canada offers real estate investors a field training program which differs from other training companies. The field training program curriculum consists of specific skills, techniques and secrets, which we share with the students that distinguish our company (PREIG) from other competitive training companies. Our field training program consists of an opportunity to take a tour to the court office to witness deals without any other competition present.

Real Estate Investors Field

We also educate you on how to discover the perfect deals that would pursue clients to be homeowners. Any paperwork needed in any deal you are making across the globe is provided by PREIG Canada upon request. The hand on part of the field training curriculum consists of a get-together with the owners of the properties, visiting the properties, and inspecting the properties.

PREIG Canada’s field training is full of helpful information that will definitely have some aid in your path to success. You can expect to learn a lot more information then you imagined before taking this course. Overall highlights of the field training program are visiting city hall and foreclosure properties, learning several point on how to inspect these properties or owners, how to write and present an offer and finally how analyze the current market and deal with realtors/mortgage brokers.

The field training program is basically for anyone who would like to increase their knowledge whether or not they are advanced real estate investor or beginners. Accompanied by PREIG Canada, you will spot deals, make private deals, get creative financing, get deals with no money down and buy distressed properties from distressed owners.

Your success is our Passion!

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