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Reasons to join PREIG are as follows:

1. Learn how to construct capital, attend Real Estate Millionaire Strategies Apprentice (REMSA) online or LIVE and learn Real Estate investing from experts who are in the trenches.

2. Learn unique Canadian Real Estate  investingSECRETS,STRATEGIESandTECHNIQUESthat will skyrocket your businessand cash flow beyond what you ever imagined!

3. Simply put, they knock all the fear out of investing in real estate utilizing mind blowing and explosive techniques to give real estate investors theconfidence totake actionthat produces sledge hammer outcome

4. Building wealth with Real Estate investing.
Network + Apprenticeship = Wealth Building

5. Completely conventional and non- conventional, “out of the box”millionaire secretsand strategies of successful Professional Real Estate investing in Canada and US.

6. Networking with best sophisticated Canadian Professional Real Estate Investors.Get to know each other and exchange your business cards on our PREIG Canada on each  Canadian REI club meeting.

7. Showcase (infomercial) your deals in person or on PREIG Canada’s forum (No Charge) Present your deals on stage by having a professional presentation.

8. Find joint venture partners to do more Real Estate deals Investors you meet in person & network with are always looking for deals and partners just like you!

9. Find competitive Mortgage rates and market watch and trends.
Expert mortgage brokers, Private lenders and hard money lenders are PREIG Canada members.

10. It proposes practical and interactive apprenticeships to the common “fear factors” that keep most investors feeling trapped rather than forging ahead with confidence

11. No annual fee, why pay over $200/month? Get latest news, views, market trends, Government hand outs for Professional Real Estate Investors as well as average Canadians.

12. There is NO Charge for Disable Canadians to attend networking meetings.

13. Learn what the Tax man can do for you instead of keep paying taxes. Why wealthy Canadians understand Tax man rules to build wealth?

14. We provide platform for Real Estate Investors education through apprenticeships, seminars, boot camps, conference calls, webinars, articles, videos, networking meetings as well as Real estate forum.

15.Align yourself with the most powerful, knowledgeable, influential, and successful over 4400+ Canadian Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) Canada to network and learn.

16.Learn from the Canadian Experts the tactics, skills, and investing methods it normally takes others a lifetime to learn. Our radically different approach is passionate, immersing, interactive, and gives you actionable knowledge.

17.Using RRSP to buy, finance and save taxes for Real Estate investors.

18.How to utilize Rent to own/lease options to have huge cash flow and profit in every transaction

Your success is our Passion!

Navtaj Chandhoke

Navtaj Chandhoke is a veteran Canadian Real Estate investor, Master Coach/Mentor/Speaker
& Canadian hard money lender . Join now
Canadian REI Club membership
to attend upcoming
No $$ Down Canadian Real Estate Seminar LIVE
in Canada and become next

Canadian Real Estate Apprentice

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