RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police launch grow-op website

RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police launches National Grow Initiative

RCMP’s strategy to combat illegal marihuana grow operations

The RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police  has launched a website listing the addresses of where marijuana grow-ops were found.Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The National Grow Initiative is an RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police-led project launched on September 21st, 2011 in Ottawa that will focus on enforcement, deterrence and awareness as part of the National Anti-Drug Strategy  to combat illegal marihuana grow operations

The addresses will remain on the RCMP  Royal Canadian Mounted Police website for a period of one year.

British Columbia leads the list with the most grow-ops discovered, with several dozen locations listed, mainly in the Surrey area. A property in Hope, B.C., displayed on the website, was said to have had 6,496 marijuana plants found on it in June, 2011.

Categorized by provinces, the RCMO Royal Canadian Mounted Police website lists the addresses of homes, outbuildings and businesses where search warrants were executed. It also lists when the busts were made and how many marijuana plants were found. Clandestine drug labs are also included in the database.

“Grow-ops can be major headache for Canadian Real Estate investors” says Navtaj Chandhoke, founder of Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) Canada, Canadian REI Club” this information will empower Canadian home buyers as well As Real Estate Investors since there is no database known to Canadians of former grow-ups”.

So far, the only way for a Canadian home buyer to know if a home was a grow-op is for the property seller to disclose that information.RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police can help for Canadian home buyers and Canadian Real Estate Investors to bring more awareness about grow up houses.

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