Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP announces new national marijuana grow strategy, creates a grow house website

RCMP National Marijuana Strategy , The Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP along with the Government of Canada and a variety of business and community partners launched a national strategy to combat marihuana grow operations entitled the Marihuana Grow Initiative .

RCMP National Marijuana Strategy

The RCMP is also launching a new page on the public website that will act as a centralized database of residences where a marihuana grow operations or clandestine lab was dismantled by the RCMP under the authority of a search warrant.

This site will be consistently updated with new properties and it will also provide guidance and feature resources for landlords and buyers alike concerning the damages that marihuana grow operations and clandestine labs have on a property and its occupants.

 “Grow ops have become a major concern for Canadian Professional Real Estate Investors across the country” stated Navtaj Chandhoke, founder of Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) Canada.

For information on the RCMP’s new strategy, please visit:

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