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Transactional Funding

Transactional Funding in Canada is very short term lending .  This money is used to facilitate a real estate fix and flip deal. Fix and flip Canadian real estate investors and Canadian real estate wholesalers both need this type of funding. They have their Cash buyer lined up, usually another long term buy and hold investor or even a first time home buyer.

Transactional Funding

A Canadian transactional private hard money funding is a specific type of asset-based financing through which a Canadian real estate investor receives funds secured by real property. Canadian transactional private hard money funding is typically issued by private investors.

After attending Canadian real estate investor’s apprenticeship, the investors have decided that fix and flip investing is route they like to pursue.

Canadian real estate investors have some knowledge of contracting, know how to work with contractors, can negotiate with the best of them, so you really are ready for your new business… almost. You need to find deep discounted fix and flip deals with Canadian transactional private hard money funding.

Need for Transactional Funding for Canadian real estate investors

Fix and flip investing in Canada requires a short term loan or financing to have decent profits for quick flip.

But, first you need to buy a property at deep discounted price then you need to renovate it, and then you need to carry it until you flip it to the end buyer. It can take few months, and costs to carry the deal from purchase to closing.

One can learn from experts with proven record how to buy Canadian properties pennies on a dollar at That’ is the very basic step to learn and become successful in fixing and flipping houses in Canada.

Forgivable Grants

Where there is a need of renting money in Canada, a capital society the private investors are always looking for decent return on their safe investments.

Canadian transactional private hard money lenders are out there. They make money making by financing fix and flip Canadian real estate investors.

Use of Transactional Funding for Canadian real estate investors

For Canadian transactional private hard money funding, following documents are must:

  • A copy of AACI appraisal with its current market value as well as after repair value (ARV).
  • Canadian real estate investors net worth, credit score and references etc.
  • Three estimates from contractors with material costs
  • Education, experience, knowledge from Canadian apprenticeship
  • Closing, carrying, rehab, permits and construction costs
  • Miscellaneous cost including

As a Canadian real estate fix and flip investor, you need to fund all of these things, and perhaps for more than one deal going on at the same time.

Canadian transactional private hard money lenders want to loan around 60% of its current market value of the property before the rehab.

Do your due diligence and find the deep discounted Canadian real estate deals. Canadian transactional private hard money is available for those who have proper training, coaching and apprenticeship.


We believe the information contained in this article to be accurate.

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