Wholesaling Apprenticeship

Wholesaling: As real estate investors, we must think outside of the box. It is very important to think bigger. If we want to create massive and passive income for ourselves we can do it over either a long or short period of time. We can expand our knowledge to be able to understand the benefits of controlling not just one property, but many at the same time.

There are three major misconceptions most real estate investors have. They have a belief that big deals never come to small real estate investors. This statement is false because if you know how to communicate well with builders, they will be more than happy to work with someone who can help unload unsold inventory. Real Estate investors also believe that the town planner would never take the time to meet or talk to them. This statement is also false as long as the real estate investor knows the town’s future plans, and wants to place nicer properties. They also believe that getting zoning changes from the municipality is virtually impossible. This statement is also false. As long as the changes are intact with the town’s expansion plans, it is much easier to obtain the acceptance of zoning changes. Therefore, you must be fully educated about the town’s plans and any deadlines set.

World Wealth Builders’ Wholesaling Apprenticeship is an exciting and unique opportunity to learn how to become a developer. You will learn how to create massive and passive income for yourself through over 50 specific strategies. The understanding of the acquisition process of multiple properties, dealing with municipalities etc., can give you a major advantage as a real estate investor.

You will also be learning about city zoning bylaws, working with the town planner, understanding the city border lines, and how to use them to your advantage. You will learn to not only be a developer, but a pawn broker of real estate, allowing you to control or buy massive amounts of properties at a huge discount.

To obtain more information about our upcoming Wholesaling Apprenticeship please send an email to vp@WorldWealthBuilders.com or go to www.WorldWealthBuilders.com/live

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